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Play Shekere is one of Jim Greiner's Rhythm Power® instructional/inspirational DVD. It includes 80 minutes of beginning to advanced lessons and four, ten-minute audio loops to play along with for practice and for fun (we call it playing music for a reason!).

Each beginning-to-advanced lesson builds upon the skills learned in previous lessons, and is easy to access through the master menu.

Play Shekere is designed to give people from all walks of life, and at all levels of percussion experience, the Shekere, and rhythmic, skills that will allow them to play in a wide range of situations from community drumming sessions to performing and recording music of all styles.

Jim Greiner teaches and performs percussion instruments worldwide as an endorser clinician for a number of music instrument makers, including LP (Latin Percussion), ProMark Drumsticks, Sabian Cymbals, Gibraltar Drum Hareware and Audix Microphones.  He also conducts rhythm sessions worldwide for corporate team building, conferences, community events and private celebrations through his company, Hands-On! Drumming® Events (www.HandsOnDrum.com).

For more information about Jim's percussion education products:  http://www.HandsOnDrum.com/products

"Jim Greiner is a master percussionist and educator." - Michael Kenyon, past President, the Percussive Arts Society

"Percussionist Jim Greiner invokes the primal power of rhythm to release the participants' stress, to energize their minds and bodies, and to bind them together into community." - PBS special, The Healing Quest

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Starring Jim Greiner
Produced by Jim Greiner  Written by Jim Greiner  Directed by Jim Greiner

  • Drum! Magaziner Readers Poll Award | Percussion Instructional DVD of the Year
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